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I Got The Blues - Easy string ensemble (Mixed Abilities) for flexible instrumentation

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Children (and adults) who learn a musical instrument will always progress at different rates. Students also develop some of the many skills involved in instrumental playing faster than other skills.

The Mixed Abilities School Ensemble Series for Easy String Orchestra has the flexibility to allow pupils of different standards to play together in one ensemble (up to five parts).

Each piece has a total of 5 different parts which are fully interchangeable between violins, violas and cellos (double basses can double the cello parts). So whether you have 15 violins and a viola, or 3 violins, or 4 cellos or whatever, the pieces will still work well together. All parts are provided for all instruments.

Part 5 uses long notes on open strings. The other parts gradually increase in difficulty up to Part 1, which uses first and second positions. The teacher should select appropriate parts for the players in the group.

I GOT THE BLUES is the second piece in this series, and uses typical Blues characteristics such as syncopation and swung quavers. It also includes a section in which any player can improvise; suggested notes to use in the solo are provided along with backing figures.

The purchaser of this product may print as many copies of the parts as required in order for the piece to work successfully with the ensemble. They must not copy, print or distribute the score or parts for others who have not purchased the product independently.

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Printing and Copying
The purchaser may print or copy all pages of this resource as required in order to facilitate a performance, but must not distribute to others.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file